Name: Architect
Price: 6.00

For just $6 (USD) you will receive;

- The in-game prefix: Architect YourNameHere

- The ability to re-edit signed books, and adjust the title

- Access to put strange things on your head with /hat

- A custom nickname that you are able to change at any time

- The ability to create signs containing colour and formatting codes

Access to /dispose to get rid of the things you don't want without the possibility of burning alive!

- Highly customisable particle effects on (use /par);

  • 'Normal' Style  
  • Sword attacks
  • Block breaking
  • Block placing
  • Arrows

- Right clicking with glowstone dust in your hand will now show you light levels in the chat

- Scroll through paintings to select the perfect one by sneak-clicking and using your mouse wheel. Remember to sneak-click again after you're done!

- A donator rank in our Discord server, with access to our donator only channels

- A statue in the city's hall of fame