Name: Archduchess
Price: 10.00

For just $10 (USD) per month, you will receive;

- The in-game prefix: Archduchess YourNameHere

- The ability to re-edit signed books, and adjust the title

- Access to put strange things on your head with /hat

- A custom nickname that you are able to change at any time

- The ability to create signs containing colour and formatting codes

- Access to /dispose to get rid of the things you don't want without the possibility of burning alive!

- An extensive, highly customisable particle effect GUI (use /par) that allows you to set different particle effects on different aspects of your game, from sword attacks to block placing/breaking to the craziest of animations following your character around!

- The ability to bypass all of our chat system's anti spam and caps filtering, meaning you can spam your messages and commands to your heart's content! (please don't). This also includes being kicked from spam, login/logouts and duplicate messages/commands.

- Right clicking with glowstone dust in your hand will now show you light levels in the chat

- Scroll through paintings to select the perfect one by sneak-clicking and using your mouse wheel. Remember to sneak-click again after you're done!

- The ability to create magical gates, doors, bridges and hidden switches using signs - please see the documentation by using /donators in game. If you have any questions regarding the mechanics, please ask a member of staff.

- A donator rank in our Discord server, with access to our donator only channels

- A statue in the city's hall of fame